Terminal blocks

In recent years, the telecommunications sectors have seen a huge rise in the number of criminal access activities. All over the world, communications companies are confronted with the problem of tackling criminals gaining unauthorised access to:

- telephone terminal blocks

- cable ducts

- cable TV terminal blocks

- outdoor mobile phone installations

- other security sensitive installations

on the telecommunications sectors. 


McGard high security products are used all over the world for the protection of communications installations. They prevent:

- the use of unpaid communication services

- listening in on telephone calls

- disabling or manipulating effects on telephone and data networks

- theft of communications stock

- vandalism

Often, the standard closure can simply be replaced with a McGard locking system. When this is not possible, we'll be pleased to develop a solution specifically for your equipment.

Leading telecommunications providers like AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Matav Ungarn, Telefonica Spanien, and Telmex Mexiko benefit from McGard high security products.