Boat trailer wheel locks & hex nuts

Boat trailer wheel locks & hex nuts

Security and visual appeal

McGard wheel locks and hex nuts for boat trailers are manufactured to the same high standards as our automotive products. On boat trailers with steel or aluminium conical-seat wheels, simply replace one of the fitted hex nuts with a McGard wheel lock – that's all. Our wheel locks and hex nuts are manufactured from high quality steel, fully hardened, and coated with three layers of nickel and chromium. Each McGard hex nut exhibits an assured resistance to rust and surface chipping.


Boat trailer wheel locks & matching hex nuts

McGard provides wheel locks and hex nuts with ½”-20 threads and conical seat. 

Note – Most OEM wheels for boat trailers require hex nuts and wheel locks with ½“-20 threads and conical seat. Consult the manufacturer of your trailer for the right thread and seat before installing wheel locks!

4 antitheft wheel locks for double axle trailer1/2-2074041
2 antitheft wheel locks for single axle trailer1/2-2074042
10 hex nuts1/2-2074043