Antitheft wheel locks

Our wheel locks are state of the art products that meet the requirements of the automotive industry. They are installed with a special, easy to use key. An antitheft wheel lock replaces an original fastener and is tightened with the same torque as the original bolt. The codes for the antitheft wheel locks and keys are generated with a computer system for virtually infinite variants.

European carmakers use mainly bolts to secure their wheels, whereas American and Asian OEMs mostly prefer wheel nuts. No matter whether bolts or wheel nuts, all of our antitheft wheel locks are manufactured to the specifications of the automotive industry, in somes cases exceeding them. McGard products and services simply deserve the trust that over thirty carmakers worldwide have been putting in them.

Our products are subjected to constant refinement and improvement. Manufactured in Europe and the United States, our innovative products have been distinguished with a great many awards and certificates that underscore the security and quality standards of McGard antitheft wheel locks.