Wheel Nuts

What makes McGard wheel nuts better? 


McGard wheel nuts are designed for a long service life. No splintering, chipping, or rusting on the surfaces, they retain their gloss for years and years. Our wheel nuts are manufactured in the USA and fulfil the highest safety and durability standards on the automotive sectors. Applied by our experienced team with our own coating technology, the triple nickel-chromium coating ensures an enduring attractive look. Compare us with our competitors, or simply ask our clients. You'll see why the majority decide in favour of McGard. 


Identification - 1


You can recognise McGard quality and security by our name, which is engraved on every McGard wheel nut together with the thread size and part number. 



Fully hardened steel - 2


Every McGard wheel nut is fully hardened and tempered for consistent homogeneous hardness (in contrast to case hardening that affects only the surface layer). 



Precise rim seat - 3


Based on the effective diameter of the wheel nut's thread, McGard’s concentricity standard applied to the rim seat is 30% higher in precision that the standard applying to the automotive industry. 



Special steel - 4


We use exclusively steel that is made specifically for our applications in the USA, for our wheel nuts. Our special standards safeguard the best mechanical properties of every single McGard wheel nut. 



Best chromium coating on the sector - 5


Our triple nickel-chromium coating (three coatings of nickel and one of microporous chromium) is the best on the sector. The first nickel coating provides protection against corrosion, the second provides the gloss, and the third, together with the coating of microporous chromium, prevents natural corrosion. 



Precision/strength - 6


The highest strength on the sector is achieved with our precise machining and heat treatment technologies. All McGard wheel locks and nuts fulfil or exceed the highest standards usual on the automotive sectors (135,000 to 160,000 PSI).