McGard is the market leader for original equipment and supplies virtually every carmaker worldwide.
McGard OEM antitheft wheel locks are manufactured to carmaker specifications for balanced weight, extreme resistance to force, and the best possible protection against corrosion.
The highest possible security standards that car insurance houses can demand, e.g. Thatcham in England, are not only fulfilled by McGard wheel locks, but are also often exceeded.
Despite these ultra high quality demands, McGard runs highly efficient production processes that fulfil – and overfulfil – the low cost objectives of OEMs. 


Aftermarkt - Which product when?

McGard SU

Our SU products are still the most sold antitheft wheel locks today.
The small outer diameters of our adapters mean that they can be fitted on as good as all rims. 

McGard SL

In addition to the security aspects above, we use a protective sleeve for our SL product line, for an even higher level of security than our standard locks. However, the protective ring requires a larger outer diameter for the key.

McGard Tuner

Our Tuner antitheft wheel locks developed specifically for the modern tuner rims are our answer to the needs of this market. Owing to this trendy design with multiple holes, the hole for the rim is extremely tight for fasteners. With its slender outer diameter, our key is your solution for this special application as well.

Other applications

There is scarcely any application for which we cannot provide a special solution. Ask us, and we'll be pleased to work out with you a solution suited to your needs.