Protecting valuable wheels against theft

McGard wheel locks provide effective theft protection

Although the dark winter season is almost over, thieves are still looking for wheels to steal. You can see the infamous pictures of cars on bricks almost every day in the newspapers or other medias.

Customers prefer aluminium rims and so do thieves as they can steal them easily within a few minutes. The resulting damage can quickly reach a high 4-figure sum, not only because the wheels are stolen, but also because the car is being damaged heavily by placing it on bricks or something similar.

McGard wheel locks are a proven method for deterring potential thieves. The locks are equipped with a special coding on the bolt or nut head so that they can only be opened with the corresponding key. Since thieves normally want to act promptly and without having to make noise, such protected wheels are often being avoided.

To support our trade partners in finding the correct wheel lock application, McGard offers in addition to an application guide in print format also fast and simple help over the internet. On you can find an online configurator which helps to find the appropriate wheel lock easily.

McGard SU – Das Original

Our unique classic with a chrome head.
Available in more than 120 different dimensions and hundreds of different codings.    

McGard SUB – Black Edition

Developed for black rims with the same dimensions/allocations as our SU version. In more than 40 different dimensions.

McGard Tuner

Developed for rims with a small rim-diameter, therefore we reduced the diameter for our bolts and keys.