Antitheft protection since 25 years

The McGard Deutschland GmbH celebrates this year its 25 years of existence. Right on time for this spring, the company offers new promotional material.


Since 1994 McGard Germany stands for high-quality safety products which stand up to the highest demands of the automotive industry, both OEM and aftermarket.

The basic principles of the company have always been the diligent, precise and conscientious support, among others, of the dealer network as well as the end consumers. That’s why McGard is particularly proud of its in-house customer service department, which finds quick and efficient solutions because of its many years of experience, which is essential particularly in the tire changing seasons.

Especially during the tire changing season finding time to inform the end consumers on-site in detail about topics as wheel theft or having the suitable application for the given vehicle right away at hand is difficult. That is why McGard offers advertising material which, on the one hand, draws the customers’ attention to the wheel theft problem and on the other hand supports the dealers in finding quickly the corresponding wheel lock for their customer.

This year we offer „rim hangers“(28x10,2 cm) which can be applied directly on the rims in the showroom. As a help for the allocation McGard offers a poster (118,9x84,1 cm) which shows a clear application list as well as the entire range of products.

If you are interested in this advertising material, please contact directly McGard (