April 2019: The company opens its garage at the Tuning World Bodensee

For the sixth time now, McGard takes part at the Tuning World Bodensee, this year from May 3 to 5. Besides the wheel locks which are established in the market for more than two decades (the company celebrates this year its 25th anniversary), this time chromed wheel bolts will also stand in the foreground at this consumer trade fair.

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February 2019: Antitheft protection since 25 years

The McGard Deutschland GmbH celebrates this year its 25 years of existence. Right on time for this spring, the company offers new promotional material. Read more

Autumn 2018 Effective protection against wheel theft

Avoid considerable damage on vehicle with wheel locks

More and more customers do not want to forego on their optically attractive alloy rims during the cold season and prefer them to the less attractive steel rims. These high-quality and expensive rims are popular as stolen goods as they can be stolen only within minutes without really great effort. Read more

Spring 2018: McGard wheel locks provide effective theft protection

Protecting valuable wheels against theft

Although the dark winter season is almost over, thieves are still looking for wheels to steal. You can see the infamous pictures of cars on bricks almost every day in the newspapers or other medias.

Customers prefer aluminium rims and so do thieves as they can steal them easily within a few minutes. The resulting damage can quickly reach a high 4-figure sum, not only because the wheels are stolen, but also because the car is being damaged heavily by placing it on bricks or something similar. Read more

Spring 2017: Starting into spring with a high level of security with McGard

Efficient protection against theft through wheel locks
Nordheim(SEB) As the winter is almost gone and with the beginning of spring it is already time to think of changing tires. Alloy wheels which are appreciated by customers are also very welcomed by thieves as they are easy to steal within only a few minutes and without much effort. The caused damage often adds up to four-digit amount as not only the wheels are stolen but also the vehicle itself becomes damaged by being placed on blocks. McGard wheel locks are the best tool to discourage potential thieves. Read more

Summer 2016: Personalized lug bolts by McGard

McGard offers the possibility to laser engrave a personalized logo or the own initials into high quality lug bolts. The customer just sends the requested motive to McGard to receive a precious set consisting of 20 lug bolts, 4 lock bolts and 2 keys. Read more