Company history

The history of McGard started with the company L.D. McCauley in 1959, then still specialising in precision work for NASA and the US military. In the early sixties, Lewis D McCauley developed a security nut to prevent the theft of car wheel rims and tyres. This led in 1964 to the birth  of McGard Inc., the world's leading manufacturer and provider of antitheft wheel locks.

The eighties saw the addition of further products, our Special Industrial Applications. The Special Products Division, or SPD, was set up. Our SPD covers new markets and product applications outside of the automotive sector. Over recent years, this business unit too enjoyed an outstanding development, and McGard advanced to the world's leading manufacturer of mechanical locking systems against theft.

On the automotive sector, more than thirty carmarkers worldwide have now put their trust in the quality of our products and services. All departments like Development, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Production, Hardening, Surface Treatment, Sales, and Aftersales Services are under McGard supervision.
This enables us to safeguard the highest quality standards in every single production phase, a quality that has found deserved praise and distinctions from many quarters.

Since 1994, McGard Deutschland GmbH has been catering to the needs of our European customers. In this period, the number of our employees grew tenfold! In the wake of this encouraging trend and with an eye to further expansion in the future, McGard Deutschland GmbH moved in August 2005 to its new building in Nordheim.

With the opening of the McGard Japan plant in Oomiya City, we managed to enter the Asian market in 1999. Since 2016, we also have a branch office in Singapore. As a result, McGard security products are available to all customers worldwide and we are able to provide our customers with the best possible support and service.