About McGard

For over forty years, McGard has been the leading manufacturer of wheel lock systems. Each and every one of our employees identify with McGard products and services for a lasting, palpable impression.



In 1964, McGard launched for the aftermarket the unique antitheft wheel lock with the characteristic encoding groove. With the functional properties of the standard fastener, but allowing wheel and tyre changes only with the matching key, the wheel lock provides in addition extraordinary protection for wheels and tyres. Our unique design allows a virtually unlimited number of encodings.


OEM products

Since 1977 McGard has been supplying the Who's Who of carmakers with security products. With over thirty carmakers worldwide, our clients include as good as all original equipment manufacturers that use the one or other of our products. Besides its antitheft wheel lock that has been enjoying success and constant refinement for decades, McGard also offers many other security solutions for the automotive industry. Antitheft security for spare wheels, loading ramps, centre locking discs, airbags, to name but a few, round off the range of McGard products for the automotive sector.



McGard can provide a complete range of products for marine security. Whether stern drive locks, propeller locks, or outboard motor locks, manufactured from stainless and marine steel, these locks are designed for the gruelling conditions at sea.


Special applications - SPD

Since 1980 McGard has been running a department specifically for locks for applications other than automotive and marine. 

In the course of our work we could develop locks for manhole covers, electricity meters, hydrants, and many other applications. Our clients include not only the major telecommunications service providers, but also museums, communities – and basically anybody with something to lock. 

Since the very first days of McGard, we have been working constantly on the improvement of our products and ourselves.

Ultra modern production methods bring us close to our zero error objective. To this end we utilise our knowhow of over forty years in close collaboration with our clients. Our continuous improvement and our development close to the market help us to fulfil your security requirements. All of our products are manufactured with ultra modern production methods in line with our clients' needs. 

Whether OEM, aftermarket, standard, or special applications, all run through constant quality checks. In the end, a completed high security lock has passed through up to twenty four production steps. 

All production steps relevant to safety remain under McGard supervision. Our vertical integration is aligned fully towards achieving our quality objectives, our continuous quality and environmental management helps to protect the environment, and – unnecessary to mention – the McGard is ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certificated.

Well trained and motivated employees are dedicated to the fulfilment of all relevant standards. One of their distinctive characteristics is their identification with and responsibility for our products. Our global presence safeguards our clients the best possible support and adherence to deadlines. 


The high number of distinctions awarded by our clients testify to our quality standards unmatched by any other.