CarLock ...

... when your car means a lot to you!

The two-part Car Lock was developed to secure your car in only twenty seconds. Tipping the scales at under four kilograms, it is the lightest system of its class. The components are lined with plastic, preventing damage to your valuable rims. Made in the USA from the best materials, this system not only provides the best protection for your vehicle, but also passes the most gruelling tests for resistance to corrosion and breaking forces. The patented Medeco cylinder lock ensures the maximum security and makes virtually impossible any unauthorised attempts to force or drill open the lock. The Car Lock provides protection against theft on all vehicles. The ultimate additional lock!

Our lightweight and easy to use two-part design provides you with extensive security features:

  • A cap prevents dirt and dust from penetrating the cylinder lock.
  • The brand cylinder lock provides the maximum possible protection against forced opening.
  • The plastic jackets protect your valuable rims – no scratches or damage to your car.
  • Maximum security for your car.
  • The cylinder lock withstands the most gruelling tests for resistance to breaking forces.
  • Ultra hard steel makes cutting virtually impossible.

Use the Car Lock together with the McGard antitheft wheel locks, and your car and rims will be given the greatest possible protection.

Progressive design, excellent strength, and the optimal functionality make the Car Lock so unique. The universal design provides the maximum protection against theft for many applications: cars, motorcycles, caravans, campers, trailers, trucks, etc., and fits on wheels and tyres up to 330 mm wide!

 *** For more details or for your order RRP: €299.00  plus €6.90 p&p (within Germany) please send an email to cs(at) / Onlineshop