Spring 2017: Starting into spring with a high level of security with McGard

Efficient protection against theft through wheel locks
Nordheim(SEB) As the winter is almost gone and with the beginning of spring it is already time to think of changing tires. Alloy wheels which are appreciated by customers are also very welcomed by thieves as they are easy to steal within only a few minutes and without much effort. The caused damage often adds up to four-digit amount as not only the wheels are stolen but also the vehicle itself becomes damaged by being placed on blocks. McGard wheel locks are the best tool to discourage potential thieves. Read more

Summer 2016: Personalized lug bolts by McGard

McGard offers the possibility to laser engrave a personalized logo or the own initials into high quality lug bolts. The customer just sends the requested motive to McGard to receive a precious set consisting of 20 lug bolts, 4 lock bolts and 2 keys. Read more